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personal work (unpublished), 2021

The series is called "HumanNature" and is about the re-merging of humans and nature as a positive vision for the future⁠.

Also Jedidiah Jenkins look on this makes me think. Quoting him from memory: "There is no division between nature and civilisation. There is only nature. We are nature. And the planet doesn't care if we are here or not." ⁠⁠

We worked with the technique LightPainting, which is to put the model in complete darkness and "paint" what you want to be seen with a torch for example (I had bought a special old machine from the 80s from a retired photographer for that).

With lightpainting you don't take too many pictures (only 54 in total for a whole afternoon!)⁠. Often it was one shot, one hit.

Working in the dark was intense. Full concentration, holding the pose and the breath. No one speaking. And then the excitement and joy seeing the results appear on the screen after 20 seconds.⁠

Photography & Post-Production: Asja Caspari

Styling & dress/hat design: Ioanna Auschra

Hair / Makeup: Anne Henrichsen (represented by Bigoudi)

Muse: Mandy M. (represented by Louisa Models)

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