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"RUNWAY" - Haus der Wirtschaft Stuttgart,

  Sept/Oct 2022

"Bewegung" - BFF

  Aufschlag #13

  Hamburg, Aug 2022

"RUNWAY" - Frankfurt

 Fashion Week, Jan/Feb 


"Future Perfect" - BFF  

  Aufschlag #12

  Hamburg, June 2021

"FSK ab 18" - group 

  exhibition. Galerie

  Drewes, Hamburg, 2020

50 Jahre BFF. "Your

  signature - Das bleibt."

  Stuttgart, Berlin, 

  Hamburg, 2019

BFF Aufschlag #10. 

   Hamburg, 04/2018

"Uncommissioned" -

   BFF Aufschlag. 

   Hamburg, 05/2017

"Immersion&Illusion" –

   first solo show.

   Bonn, 02/2017

"Reduction" -

   BFF Triebwerk.

   Berlin, 10/2016

"Volcano" – group



   Buenos Aires,

   Argentina, 12/2015


BFF Aufschlag Award Junior GOLD. Hamburg 09/2019 with the picture "I will be there for you"

About me


My name is Asja, I am a freelance photographer, born 1980 in Hamburg, Germany.

At the moment I am based in Hamburg, dedicating my time to photography at the intersection of portrait, fashion and art, both digital and analog.


I am a BFF Professional member since September 2016. In 2017 I was one of the selected participants at WEITSPRUNG, an event for upcoming young photographers, organized by Germanys leading Advertising Agencies. Since 2018 I am involved at the Der Neue BFF Förderpreis as mentor among a million other cool projects.


I graduated in photography 2015, with a special focus on cinematographic/continuous lighting. Since I am four years old I am involved with photography, spending my adolescence in the dark room developing my black and white negatives. Before I made my talent my profession I did a Masters in intercultural communication, adult education and psychology and was working for the German government in the field of international cooperation as project leader. It was an awesome job! I just love photography so much more, so I quit it and started a new life.

Due to living abroad in various countries I speak German, English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently. With French and Swedish I get by. I feel at home in South America as I have studied and worked there for a few years, especially in Argentina and Brazil.

Apart from photography you can well talk to me about psychology, digital nomads, lifestyle design, systems optimization, personal development, non-violent communication by Rosenberg, poetry slams, Tim Ferriss and table soccer. (just give it a try!)

I am curious, passionate and if its too clean and predictable it bores me. Photography to me is like playing together with other obsessed individuals, infusing my veins with happiness every day.

Aufschlag Award Junior 2019.jpg

Foto: Santiago Salazar



I have been interviewed five times so far. You can have a look here (German only):



May 2022


A presentation of my portfolio on six pages with a short text about me in Germanys reknown photographic magazine ProfiFoto under the title of "Poesie und Euphorie". The cover photo is also by me.

(German only)

Podcast Interview Asja Caspari Fotografin Montags gerne aufstehen


April 2022


  If you want to know more about my path from well-paid senior project leader to  professional full time photographer, my fears and if I regret it, listen to this 30-minute interview with me on the Podcast of "Montags gerne aufstehen"  

(German only).

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-06 um

Acerca de mí


Mi nombre es Asja [Asia], soy fotógrafa artística y de moda, nacida 1980 en Hamburgo, Alemania. Trabajo en digital y en analógico.


Estudié fotografía en Buenos Aires con Aldo Bressi, Roberto Lozano, William Kano y Natasha Ygel entre otros. Mi especialización es en iluminación cinematográfica y escenografía. Soy licenciada en comunicación intercultural y psicología. He vivido en muchos lugares de este lindo planeta y por eso hablo alemán, inglés, español y portugués fluido. Con francés y sueco me manejo.


Soy curiosa, apasionada y me encanta ganarte en el metegol. La fotografía para mí es un juego divertido junto con otra gente obsesionada sin miedo de ser niño, llenando mis venas con felicidad cada día.

Desde 2016 fue aceptada como miembro Profesional en el BFF, una renombrada asociación profesional de fotógrafos en Alemania.


No dude en contactarse conmigo si quiere realizar producciones de foto tanto en América del Sur como en Europa.

last styling touch ups for "Life is tough my darling, but so are you" in London, 2017 (photo: Inna Kirioglo)

Shooting a beauty series for Atlas Magazine, 2017 (photo: Angela Ohde)

with my long time muse, Fernando, in Brazil 2013 (photo: Aline)

shooting "Moon Colours" with my analog Pentax 6x7 (photo: Marie Hölscher)

last fashion shooting in December 2017. (photo: Brenda Luz)

at the production of the Cover for a magazine by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit in Bonn, 2017 (photo: Santiago Salazar)

my job makes me happy :-) (photo: Katrin Schöning)

behind the scenes for "Urban Leisure", 2017 (photo: Cecilia Aretz)

shooting "Utopia16", 2016 at Fotofabrique in Hamburg (photo: Daniela Pulina)

Business Shooting in the port of Hamburg, 2017 (photo: Katrin Schöning)

Portrait sitting. photo: Santiago Salazar

shooting Federico Rosales for Universe Management, Buenos Aires, 2016

Building the set for the series "surrealista", Buenos Aires, 2015

shooting Bonner Jazzchor for their new CD, 2016 (photo: Ana Franco)

with the band "16 Tage" after a successfull photoshoot, Bonn 2016 (photo: Ana Franco)

With friends in Epecuén, Argentina, 2015

Opening speech at my first solo exhibition in Bonn, February 2017 (photo: Thomas Ollendorf)