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Captivating Portraits, Mood Images & Experimental Photography

For Agencies . Magazines . Companies . Artists


As a professional photographer with many years of experience in advertisement, corporate and editorial photography I am now working for renowned agencies, companies, fashion brands, magazines and artists.

My studio is located in the heart of Hamburg-Sternschanze, Germany, though I work across Europe and in Latin-America.

Argentina is where I lived for a few years and got my education in fashion and advertisement photography, with a special focus on continuous lighting, as well as an additional training in high-end beauty retouching, most of which I do myself.

Two souls are residing in me: Artist and photographer.

The One : The enthusiastic artist in me is motivated by play, flow, beauty and connection, has the courage to be led by intuition, and loves to create staged experimental portraits and fashion stories that aim to be rich in atmosphere and have a magical lighting.

The Other : The professional photographer in me focuses on the client’s needs, loves planning shoots and working in teams, sees looking behind the scenes of different industries as an adventure, gets all geeky about lighting techniques and photo gear, and genuinely likes people and does everything for them to shine and feel good and seen in front of her lens.

In both roles, be it artist or photographer, I have very high standards for my work, demanding a lot from myself. I don’t like having to do work “quick and dirty”.

Creating beautiful, poetic, powerful, outstanding, captivating portraits is where it all comes together for me. It’s the combination of technical expertise and creative vision that allows the artwork to get to next level. And that’s what drives me.

Foto: Santiago Salazar



BFF Aufschlag Award Junior GOLD. Hamburg 09/2019 with the picture "I will be there for you"

Aufschlag Award Junior 2019.jpg


GOOGLE INC., Deutsche Telekom, Johnson&Johnson, Procter & Gamble Company, Tchibo, Lanserhof GmbH, Harisch Hotels, Raffaello Rossi, zero, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, ECCO Sko A/S, ARTvergnügen GmbH, Dr. Schnell Chemie, Audi Hamburg, BMW

ROWOHLT VERLAG, Gruner & Jahr, 3Sat/ZDF, dtv Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, Naxos Music Group, Quadriga Media Berlin GmbH

SCHOLZ&FRIENDS, DDB Germany, Territory - Content to Results, Die Kameradinnen, Art+Com, Elevate Identity

UMWELTMINISTERIUM NRW, Universität Hamburg / Hamburg Center for Health Economics, Behörde für Wissenschaft Forschung und Gleichstellung Hamburg, igs - Internationale Gartenschau Hamburg

KAMPF DER KÜNSTE / Slam Kultur gGmbH, I.P.O.N. - International Peace Observers Network e.V., Unternehmer ohne Grenzen e.V.

SOPHIE PASSMANN (author/radio show host), Ina Müller (singer/TV host), Michel Abdollahi (conferencier/performance artist/journalist), Eugen Ruge (author), Florence Kasumba (actress), Stefanie Stahl (author/psychologist), Dr. Anne Fleck (author/medical doctor), Sandra Gerling (actress), Anthony Lazaro (musician)

PLUS PORTRAITS of a wide variety of actors, bands, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and politicians among other clients





DB Mobil

L'Officiel China


GALA Greece

FACES Magazin




Lanserhof Magazin


Jute Magazine

Flanelle Magazine

Spiegel online

Brigitte Woman

Brigitte Leben!

IRK Magazine

Nasty Magazine

Atlas Magazine

Catalogue Fashion Book

Institute Magazine

Szene Hamburg




and many more


"RUNWAY" - Haus der Wirtschaft Stuttgart,

  Sept/Oct 2022

"Bewegung" - BFF

  Aufschlag #13

  Hamburg, Aug 2022

"RUNWAY" - Frankfurt

 Fashion Week, Jan/Feb 


"Future Perfect" - BFF  

  Aufschlag #12

  Hamburg, June 2021

"FSK ab 18" - group 

  exhibition. Galerie

  Drewes, Hamburg, 2020

50 Jahre BFF. "Your

  signature - Das bleibt."

  Stuttgart, Berlin, 

  Hamburg, 2019

BFF Aufschlag #10. 

   Hamburg, 04/2018

"Uncommissioned" -

   BFF Aufschlag. 

   Hamburg, 05/2017

"Immersion&Illusion" –

   first solo show.

   Bonn, 02/2017

"Reduction" -

   BFF Triebwerk.

   Berlin, 10/2016

"Volcano" – group



   Buenos Aires,

   Argentina, 12/2015


I have been interviewed five times so far. You can have a look here (German only):



May 2022


A presentation of my portfolio on six pages with a short text about me in Germanys reknown photographic magazine ProfiFoto under the title of "Poesie und Euphorie". The cover photo is also by me.

(German only)

Podcast Interview Asja Caspari Fotografin Montags gerne aufstehen


April 2022


If you want to know more about my path from well-paid senior project leader to professional full time photographer, my fears and if I regret it, listen to this 30-minute interview with me on the Podcast of "Montags gerne aufstehen"

(German only).

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-06 um


January 2018


If you want to know more about my path of becoming a professional full time photographer read this article published  in 2018 on the Blog of Hamburger Existenzgründungs Initiative (German only).

Foto: Santiago Salazar

Some biographical fun facts about me

  • In my first life I worked for a Federal German enterprise in the field of International Cooperation as project leader. It was an awesome job! I just love photography so much more, so I quit it and started a new life. That career made me comfortable with leadership, handling high budgets, and taught me “corporate speak”.

  • I have a master’s degree in Intercultural Communication, Adult Education and Psychology.

  • Currently I speak six languages, having lived and worked in many different countries.

  • Depending on the job, my sailing & motor boat license, or downhill skiing and horse-riding skills may come in handy.

  • I am passionate about many things besides photography. Among them the Tim Ferriss Podcast, personality development, nonviolent-communication, entrepreneurship, romantic comedies, the series New Girl, literature, South America (Argentina & Brazil especially!), philosophy, investing, or rabbits... We will have lots of topics to bond over. Just give it a try

behind-the-scenes beim Shooting mit Ina Müller für die GEO Saison im Dez 2022

super stolz ❤️ (Foto: M. Nachtsheim)

auch super stolz und glücklich ❤️ Interview mit mir in der ProfiFoto inkl. Titelbild (Foto: Andrea S.M.)

Ein paar Impressionen von der wirklich einzigartigen Woche in Kitzbühel im Februar 2022, wo ich für die Harisch Hotels Group fotografiert habe. Danke an Andreas & Andreas ❤️

Sonnbühel, mit meinem Assistenten David Fischer

Portraitierung von Dr. Christian Harisch

Harisch Bar

wann liege ich eigentlich mal nicht auf dem Boden?

Für den BFF saß ich auf der Photopia 2021 dem Podium in einer Diskussion zum Thema Sichtbarkeit/ Eigenmarketing

Highlight der Photopia: Mein Idol Kristian Schuller persönlich treffen und ihn fast eine ganze Stunde lang ausquetschen wie er das macht mit Kunst und Kommerz

RUNWAY Ausstellung in Frankfurt 2022; eines meiner vier Bilder

glücklich nach dem Glitzer Shooting mit der Gang

Workshop auf Zingst für den Neuen BFF Förderpreis mit meiner Mentee Barbara Haas, die ich im Rahmen der Förderung vier Monate als Mentorin begleiten durfte.

Für den Rowohlt Verlag habe ich 50 ihrer Mitarbeiter portraitiert. Dort arbeiten die allernettesten Menschen. In meinem nächsten Leben werde ich Lektorin.

Das Team beim Dr. Anne Fleck Shooting für die Brigitte Leben

Mit Dr. Anne Fleck

Für den Lanserhof auf Sylt. Oktober 2020

Hinter den Kulissen beim Shooting für Raffaello Rossi. Juni 2020

Behind the scenes beim Shooting mit Stefanie Stahl

my dream shooting for Lanserhof (Tegernsee)

isn't it beautiful at Lanserhof Tegernsee?

Hunting all lights and shadows at Lanserhof Tegernsee (photo: Oliver Viaña)

mit Model Victoria Summer und Stylistin Schmizzi beim wundervollen Lanserhof Shooting

Lanserhof Tegernsee

Meine neuen Visitenkarten sind da! Die Rückseite ist immer gleich aber auf der Vorderseite sind 26 verschiedene Bilder zu sehen. So dienen sie mir auch als Mini Portfolio.

Stolz und glücklich mit dem Brigitte Beauty Editorial Ausgabe Nr. 28 - Dez 2019

Die Gang beim Shooting mit Sophie Passmann

Die Crew beim Portraitieren des Erfinders Michael Lutter für das Barbara Magazin

50 Jahre BFF

Interviewt werden weil ich den BFF Award Gold Junior gewonnen habe :-)

BFF Award Gold Junior gewonnen 2019

Aus der Serie "I see you and I will be there for you"

last styling touch ups for "Life is tough my darling, but so are you" in London, 2017 (photo: Inna Kirioglo)

Shooting a beauty series for Atlas Magazine, 2017 (photo: Angela Ohde)

shooting "Moon Colours" with my analog Pentax 6x7 (photo: Marie Hölscher)

at the production of the Cover for a magazine by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit in Bonn, 2017 (photo: Santiago Salazar)

my job makes me happy :-) (photo: Katrin Schöning)

Business Shooting in the port of Hamburg, 2017 (photo: Katrin Schöning)

behind the scenes for "Urban Leisure", 2017 (photo: Cecilia Aretz)

shooting "Utopia16", 2016 at Fotofabrique in Hamburg (photo: Daniela Pulina)

shooting Federico Rosales for Universe Management, Buenos Aires, 2016

Building the set for the series "surrealista", Buenos Aires, 2015

shooting Bonner Jazzchor for their new CD, 2016 (photo: Ana Franco)

with the band "16 Tage" after a successfull photoshoot, Bonn 2016 (photo: Ana Franco)

Opening speech at my first solo exhibition in Bonn, February 2017 (photo: Thomas Ollendorf)

With friends in Epecuén, Argentina, 2015

with my long time muse, Fernando, in Brazil 2013 (photo: Aline)

Last but not least: Frohe Weihnachten, everyone!

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