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A continuous portrait

Vicky is a model and an art curator. When we met in photo school in Buenos Aires many years back she was only 20 years old, small, fragile, timid – but as often with still waters – quite deep and with a capturing charisma. Instantaneously I fell under her spell, something that happens with so many people who meet her for the first time.

Nearly every time we met in the past years the results were pictures of her in playful, often spontaneous sessions. The images fall into the category of fashion/model shots in style and aesthetics as one of their purposes was to expand Vicky’s model book alongside my exercise in fashion photography.

My aim with this series is precisely not to show another nameless interchangeable face, common in fashion photography, but rather draw a personal model portrait of Vicky.

As a model she began to become more and more sought-after, started to appear on magazine covers here and there – when she suddenly was pregnant.

These photos are just an excerpt of a series that will hopefully never be completed.

The pictures are in chronological order, going backwards in time.

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