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The Illusionist

beauty editorial (published in ELLE Indonesia), March 2022

We are more than happy and soo proud to have our work published in ELLE Magazine. And work we LOVE, even better.

Its a result of my continuous experimentation with lightpainting.

Usually lightpainting is quite dark and I wondered: is it possible to have it lighter? how?

The solution was to combine flash and lightpainting. A flash to burn the background and then with the ongoing exposure 20 seconds of time in darkness (camera on tripod) to paint the face with a different lightsource.

Photography & Post-Production: Asja Caspari

Styling : Schmizzi

Hair / Makeup: Daniela Prost (represented by Kultartists)

Muse: Karoline (represented by MegaModelAgency)

Funded by: NeustartKultur

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