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NOW THAT I KNOW. Editorial. Atlas Magazine 2017

„…What if the world we perceive was nothing but a shadow of a higher reality?“

– Plato, The Allegory of the Cave, 380 b. Chr.

For the series „Now that I know“ Julia Otto (Art Direction & Styling) and I teamed up after we met online and discovered that we share a similar aesthetical taste.

The inspiration came from a friend of Julia who was writing a paper on „Immersion and Illusion“. Immersion is the feeling of being surrounded by a completely different reality, absorbing all your attention and senses, like being submerged under water. It can happen when you read a book, watch a movie or play a video game. The boundaries between fiction and reality blur. Adventures become real.

In the editorial “Now That I Know” we wanted to portrait the feeling of being submerged in your own parallel world. You get confronted with your desires and fears and in introspection discover what else lies within yourself.

Photography & Post-Production: Asja Caspari

Art Direction & Styling: Julia Otto

Hair / Makeup: Daniela Pulina

Model: Samira (Louisa Models)

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