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Mon Royal

personal work, published in L'Officiel China, 2024

In summer 2023 a magical shoot happened. While I was on stay in Montreal, Canada, I connected with three creatives that love lightpainting as much as I do - a very rare thing. The extent of that love showed itself on set when there were repeated outcries of “Oh my fucking God, that is AMAZING!” or “If that’s not a Vogue title I don’t know!!!” 😅 and a general feeling of ecstasy.
I am sure the model Emma thought we were quite weird. But its so great to connect with like-minded people. And to find them thousands of kilometres from my country surprised me and gave me the feeling that you can create a home whereever you go.

Thank you Randy, Steeve and Emmanuelle for that unforgettable memory ❤️

Photography: Asja Caspari

Styling: Randy Smith

assisted by: Emmanuelle Néron

Hair&Makeup: Steeve Daviault

Muse: Emma Auger (represented by Public Image Management)

Designers: red flower and peach hat by Natalia Baquero, white cape by Pierre-Olivier Allard, boots by BALENCIAGA

College LaSalle students:

Evelina Dickey, Antoine Rochon, Jonathan Lacroix, Iris Lévesque, Miss DK, Yitong Z, Gauthier Rialland, Joseph Diarbakerli, Audrey Blais, Eve Plamondon, Neil Fergusson, Ralda Mansouri, Nosila P., Oremor Z., Ashleigh Williams, Iksa Limbu

Special thank you to Andrew McNally for allowing us to collaborate with LaSalle College

behind-the-scenes video of our Mon Royal shoot.
Edited by Emmanuelle Néron

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