ZUKUNFT. Outsiders perspective on outsiders

photographic impressions of an asylum seekers village in the west of Hamburg


In the pictures of this series „Zukunft. Outsiders perspective on outsiders“ I try to portrait the impression an outsider gets of an asylum seekers village in the west of Hamburg when seeing it for the first time.

The houses look very much alike and rather give the notion of Swedish terrace houses. They are not easily identified as homes for asylum seekers and refugees at first glance. The scenery evokes feelings of emptiness, anonymity, tidiness and melancholy. Through this outsiders perspective there is no chance for the viewer of this series to establish a connection to the people living there. But behind every window there is a room and in every room lives a person with his or her unique story.

The child far away on the last picture is a hint of this other level of „inside“ reminding us that what we see always depends on the perspective we choose.

All images © 2006 - 2021 Asja Caspari, Hamburg / Buenos Aires

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