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'In an ideal world, I wouldn't have to change my body. I wouldn't have to do all this stuff.

I wouldn't have to be pretty, or "feminine" and people would respect that'

– Hari Nef

Collaboration between the fashion journalist Sarah Thiele and photographer Asja Caspari.

The topic is female gaze and a new perspective on the (female)body. The whole team was explicitly female and the objective was to capture a self confident and relaxed woman who does not constantly have the outsiders evaluation of her on her mind, she is just in her own world and sets her own standards.

"This is an editorial dedicated to the year 2016 as a crucial period for female empowerment as well as for the much-discussed fourth wave of feminism. This work shall embody the progress that has been made, especially through the attention of the media but also, at the same time shall remind of the still existing day-to-day suppression of women in a more private context – the literally "pushing" down and the abuse of authority.

Our goal was to produce a sensitive, emotional contemplation of this daily struggle through the eyes of women." (Sarah Thiele)

Art Direction & Styling: Sarah Thiele

Photography & Post-Production: Asja Caspari

Hair / Makeup: Daniela Pulina

Model: Esra (ICONIC)

Styling Assistant: Nele Tüch

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