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Goodbye Summer, New York

personal work (unpublished), 2023

Inspired by images of Kristian Schuller, Esther Haase and David LaChapelle, I created "Goodbye Summer, New York" on my trip to America in summer 2023, using long exposure times (- in a short time span so me and the model wouldn't get run over in the middle of the street).

Shot in New York City, first part in the studio of Elite Models, second part directly on Fifth Avenue (OMG!)

Photography: Asja Caspari

Styling: Dylan Wayne

Hair: Andreas Schönagel (represented by Bigoudi)

Makeup: Shane Monden (represented by Next Artists)

Muse: Ashton Day (represented by Elite Model New York)

Retouching: Saskia Machon

behind-the-scenes video of me shooting "Goodbye Summer, New York" on 5th Avenue.
Filmed by Shane, the make-up artist

video bts New York 5th Avenue
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